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How do I upload my documents for my account verification?

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To access all of our services, such as buying or exchanging cryptocurrencies, we require account verification. International regulators demand that we verify your identity before allowing you to interact with traditional currencies.

How to verify your identity

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click "Verify Account" in the footer menu
  3. Input your personal information
  4. Upload your ID Document. Choose ID "Upload and Verify". From there you can drag and drop or browse your PC to upload the images.

Here is a short visual guide on how to capture the ID

No selfies - at this step, we only need an identification document.
NO curved documents
zymKlNDXHMTmCyd2q5wMWB5-NB7_qaqd1g.png?1602058995NO documents with light reflection
NO “mirror” copies
NO out-of-focus pictures
NO fingers on the document
NO background that contains information (The letters on the keyboard may interfere)

chdsf0dUHxexd8J94p8305w_nJW5lvcFFQ.png?1602059122NO 2 photos in the same document (like in this photocopy case)
NO files with size less than 30KB
NO photocopies, only one document per sheet, NO black and white documents


*All documents should be high-resolution color images. The allowed formats are JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF, and BMP. The minimum and maximum file sizes are between 500kb and 4MB.
**If your documentation does not appear in Latin letters you may need to provide a certified translation. Our system is only able to read a select number of languages.

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