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What documents does Jubiter require to verify my account?

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Generally, your account will be verified once your ID has been verified, however depending on the value and the frequency of your orders you may be required to provide the following documents.

*Keep in mind the documents you send will often need to be read by computer software. *

Make sure…
  • The image of the documents is not blurry
  • The background (what’s behind the document) in the image is a solid color
  • The flash or surrounding light does not create a light spot or reflection on the image
  • The documents are up to date and not expired
  • The images are between 50kb-8mb
  • The images are in one of the following formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PDF or BMP

Other documents you may be required to provide:

  1. Selfie: A selfie is sometimes required to confirm you are who you say you are. Our computer software will compare your selfie to the ID you provided and validate your ID
    1. Your face should be in the center of the image
    2. Your eyes should be open and you should look directly at the camera
    3. Your face cannot be blocked by anything such as a hat, glasses or even your hair
    4. You should be holding the credit card you used on your order or the ID you used to sign up for the account.
    5. The image must be new and unedited
  2. Copy of Credit Card: A picture of your credit card is sometimes required to confirm you are the actual owner of the card.
    1. You can cover the middle 8 digits to protect your privacy.
    2. We must be able to view the issuing bank, last 4 digits of the card number, and the name on the card.
  3. Proof of Address: This is required by the bank in order for us to receive your bank transfer.
    1. The document must be a piece of mail sent to your home, not a screenshot
    2. The document must be in Latin letters.
    3. A bill from the gas, electricity, or telephone company will be accepted (Cell phone bills no accepted)
    4. A letter or formal document from a government entity, law firm, bank or school will also be accepted
  4. Order Confirmation Form 210 or 310: These documents are supplemental to our Terms and Conditions and ensure that you fully understand the implications of buying cryptocurrency.
    1. This document can be signed digitally online – we will send you a link
    2. This document can be printed, signed in blue ink and sent to us as a picture by email.
    3. In either case, you will need to prove you are the one who signed the document by providing a picture with your ID in the frame.
  5. Order Confirmation Form 214 and 314: This form further confirms you understand our return and cancelation policy and the implications of buying cryptocurrency online.
    1. This document must be printed, signed in blue ink and sent to us as a picture by email.
    2. You will need to prove you are the one to sign this document by including your ID in the image
  6. Source of Funds form: This document is designed to help you declare and prove the source of your funds used to purchase cryptocurrency on Regulators and banks require this document to ensure your purchase is not funded by crime or terrorism.
    1. We will send you a link to this form
    2. It is short and easy to fill out
    3. It is essential that your answer questions honestly on this document to prevent delays to your order.
  7. Source of Funds Evidence: Regulators and banks also require that the declarations you made in the Source of Funds form be supported by evidence.
    1. Different sources can be proven in different ways. Please contact us by phone or chat we can help you find a document.

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