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What is a is an acceptable form of ID?

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All customers must provide a picture or scanned copy of their government-issued ID when ordering on Jubiter.

Your ID can be one of the following:
• Passport
• Drivers License
• National ID card

The image you send must be:
• Clear and in focus
• The entire ID must be in the frame (do not cut off the corners)
• The entire ID must be fully visible (no fingers in the way)
• Taken with a solid background (place the document on a solid-colored surface – flowers and polka dots distract the verification software)
• Taken in a well-lit environment.
• Taken without a flash. (The flash makes light spots on the document which makes it hard to read)

The document you send must be:
• Currently valid – Expired documents will not be accepted.
• If your ID has 2 sides you must send 2 separate images showing each side of the document (Never send both sides in the same image)
• The name on the ID must match the name on your Jubiter Account.

Reminder: By law, all banks, building societies, and other businesses providing financial services must check the identity of anyone who wants to open an account or buy any financial product/service from them. This is one of the procedures that they must undertake under the Money Laundering Regulations (which are laws) to stop criminals from using them to launder money.

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